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 If you suspect fraud or mismanagement in your Condominium, Home Owners Association, or Co-Op

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Florida has more than 50,000 community associations, comprising nearly 10 million residents. These residents pay billions of dollars in mandatory association fees each year. It is not uncommon for opportunistic individuals with insider access to attempt to fraudulently scheme to steal funds from association homeowners.

In 2017 the Governor passed a law revising Florida Statute – Chapter 718 which imposes criminal penalties on violations such as electoral fraud, theft of funds and conflicts of interests—all significant and growing problems in South Florida.

Property owners have taken to the streets in protest, contacted their local and state lawmakers, taken their complaints to local law enforcement and state regulatory agencies, but the problem still prevails.  Proving malfeasance is a difficult undertaking-many property owners simply give up.


While the new laws provide protection and recourse to property owners, the processes for investigation and complaint filing and prosecution remain difficult and cumbersome for most.

South Florida Property Owners Consulting employs retired career law enforcement officers specializing in economic crimes, which include Condo/HOA fraud and works alongside Property Owners to investigate their claims of fraud and corruption.

Through our partnerships with accounting and auditing firms and experienced attorneys, South Florida Property Owners Consulting assists Property Owners in the identification of fraudulent activity as well as the interpretation and enforcement of current Florida laws aimed at protecting Property Owners and their most valuable assets—their homes.


South Florida Property Owners Consulting was formed in response to the outcry by Property Owners who continue to publicly and privately express their frustration with the roadblocks they have faced in their attempt to expose and correct association board abuse, fraud and corruption.